How to pack boxes and put them away safely

There's no doubt that packing boxes is a good idea.But can you pack them in a safe manner?A new survey from Consumer Reports shows that packing a box into a suitcase or packing it into a trunk is not the safest way to store your valuables.In fact, the company found that when people put boxes in a trunk or suitcase, they can break some of the most important items in their homes.Here are some of...

How to Pack for the New Year

When I was starting to pack, I was so excited about the new year that I bought myself an AcPack.The idea behind the AcPack is simple: It packs a little bit of everything.If you want to go camping, you pack a cooler, a tent, a pillowcase, or a coffee table, then the AcPacks will do the rest.The AcPack's basic premise is that if you're going to buy a new car, you need to get rid of everything else...

How to pack boxes to make your hockey game look like a box

This one is going to take a bit more explanation.The game that I am making uses a box texture pack to make the box look like it's a box.A lot of people have asked for the code for the pack, but I'm going to let the developers and Valve explain it for you.Here is the code.The only change you will need to make is to change the name of the texture pack.This is going the pack textures folder, but...

Crystals pack comes with all-new gameplay features

The all-digital pack of Crystal Packs is set to arrive on October 14.The all-Digital pack of Crystals is set for release on October 21st.It includes two new multiplayer modes: the Survival and Adventure modes, as well as the all-expanding Crystal Pack Multiplayer mode, the Crystals are the answer to the Crystals puzzle.You can download the new pack via the official Crystal Packs page here.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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