New packing boxes are out of the box

NEW YORK —  New packing boxes can now be found at Walmart, Amazon and many other retailers, allowing customers to save money on their favorite cigarettes.

The new product, called the pack box, allows customers to pack their cigarettes in a box that’s ready to go when they need it.

It was announced Thursday at the International Consumer Electronics Show.

Walmart will begin selling the product, which was originally developed by Amazon, at its retail stores, online, and through an Amazon-branded store.

Amazon announced in December that it would start selling the pack-box product at its U.S. retail stores.

Amazon and Walmart said in a joint statement that they are excited to partner with the Packbox brand and bring its innovations to customers.

“We are pleased to partner again with Amazon on our first pack box offering,” said Scott Bixby, vice president of global sales at Walmart.

Packbox packs can contain as many as 10 cigarettes in total, including the tobacco and menthol.

Customers can choose from three different types of packs: cigarettes, cigar and cigar lighter packs, or a mix of both.

Bixby said that Walmart will be offering a range of packboxes that can be used by both smokers and nonsmokers, including an 8-pack with 10 cigarettes, a 9-pack and a 10-pack.

In addition to the packbox, Walmart also announced a new line of smoking accessories for women and children.

There’s no word yet on the packboxes pricing, but the price tag on the new product is not expected to be much higher than the price of the pack boxes.

This is a developing story.

Check back for updates.

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