How wine packing boxes are changing America’s economy

The packers are pushing for a national law to require that packing boxes be covered with the kind of labels that would allow consumers to identify what’s in them.

The companies and the Packaging and Packaging Laborers Association, which represents packing and labeling workers, are pushing legislation that would require that boxes be stamped with labels that clearly state which products are contained within them and what kind of packaging it is.

The labels would also be able to tell consumers what kind the product is and how it should be packaged.

The labeling would be mandatory in all 50 states and Washington, D.C. The companies are also pressing for legislation that mandates labels on packaging and packaging products that are shipped overseas.

“We’ve seen the impact on the global economy and the global food supply, and it’s only going to continue to grow,” said Matt Sauer, the executive director of the Packages and Packaged Goods Association.

“These labels will help people better understand the contents of what they’re packing.”

The labels would be required in all states and federal territories and covered by the federal Food Safety Modernization Act.

They would also need to be mandatory for all packaged goods shipped to the U.S. from abroad.

Sauer said that since the packaging industry has grown in recent years, there has been an influx of products that don’t conform to the labels.

One example is the label for wine and spirits that includes a disclaimer that says “This wine and spirit is not for human consumption.”

But it would also make sense for packaged foods to include labels on the contents that make it clear which products can be consumed, he said.

If the labels do not contain clear labeling, the labels can easily be misread by consumers.

There is a growing body of research showing that consumers are more likely to think they are buying food than what they are actually buying, Sauer said.

The study also shows that labeling would improve the safety of consumers, especially children, because the labels would make it easier for children to identify the products in their packaging.

Packaging manufacturers have argued that they need the labels because packaging is so ubiquitous that it is difficult to identify products.

Some retailers, such as Costco and Target, already label packages to make it easy for consumers to find what they want.

But Sauer says the labels should be required on all packaging.

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