Why a $10,000 box packed with robots is going to cost more

A box packed full of packing robots is costing more than $10K but could prove a profitable way of delivering groceries in the future, a new report suggests.

The Rooftop Robotics Pack, a $5,000 kit designed to fit into a garage, has become popular with retailers as it is more affordable than a fully automated box that typically requires the user to fill it out manually.

The robot-packed robot, which looks more like a pack rat than a pack of bricks, can deliver up to six boxes at a time and the robots are programmed to deliver to their intended destination.

Rooftops are among the most efficient delivery methods but it is expected to get cheaper as people become more reliant on online and mobile ordering.

The company behind the robot pack, Roopprof Robotics, is hoping the robot will be used by supermarkets and delivery companies in the near future, where customers can easily place their orders online.

The robots are designed to be used in supermarkets as they are cheaper than traditional delivery vehicles and do not require any human assistance, Roompprofs co-founder Kailash Kulkarni told AFP.

Roompprocis robots can also deliver products like meat and vegetables, which have a shelf life of six months or less.

The robots also deliver food for up to five people, while packing a package that can hold up to 25 kilograms, he said.

“When we started Rooomprof, we were looking at making robots for grocery delivery,” Kulkavin said.

“We had seen that the average grocery delivery fee was about $5K, but we decided to build robots for $10k.”

Kulkavins team developed a box that has a shelf-life of six to nine months and the robot can handle packages weighing up to 15 kilograms, Kulkazins team said in a statement.

“RooompropiRobots is a global startup with a passion for delivering high quality products to customers worldwide,” the company said in the statement.

The box is designed to carry goods weighing up for $5.80 or more, and is fitted with a robotic arm and a battery that can last up to two years.

The product is now available for pre-order, priced at $15,000, but will be available for $20,000 after the company has completed a pre-sales campaign.

“We are aiming to launch Roooprof Robots as soon as possible, and we plan to launch it in major supermarkets in the next two months,” RoomopproF Robotics said.

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