Packaging boxes lisbon: ‘Christmas is the most expensive Christmas ever’

In a bid to ease the festive pressure, Lismore-based company Packaging Box is launching its first ever Christmas packing boxes in Lismores Christmas market.

The packaging boxes have been developed by Lismor and are available from 7 to 9am each day from 11am to 7pm on December 25.

The product is a combination of a large cardboard box, a small box and a decorative gift box, which will be placed on top of each other and can be easily opened.

A lismor spokesperson said the Christmas boxes would be priced at RM8.30 each for the first year and RM5.90 each for each subsequent year.

“Christmas is always the most affordable Christmas ever.

Packaging is a perfect way to bring Christmas cheer to all who love and cherish it,” Lismorian said in a statement.”

Our boxes will help reduce Christmas stress and allow us to celebrate Christmas with our family and friends in the best way possible.”

The company has already received praise from the Australian public for its festive packaging.

“My kids loved the boxes.

They love them, they love their little one loves them, it’s amazing,” one user wrote on the online community, Reddit.”

I love them so much that I’m actually going to order a few more.”

The Lismora’s Christmas Box website features a number of festive packaging products including a “big” cardboard box filled with Christmas cheer and a “small” box filled to the brim with gifts.

The products are available for purchase online from 7:00am to 9:00pm each day at the Lismoria Christmas Market from December 25 to January 2.

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