‘It’s like a war zone’: Australian backpacker ‘left alone in the bush for six days’

Posted August 24, 2018 06:12:53 Australia’s largest backpacker caravan park has been inundated with more than 600 calls about the weather in the past few days, with one family describing it as “a war zone”.

Key points:One man’s story is now being shared on social media after his family is forced to evacuate from their tent camp in the KimberleyBarker and Swan River camps have been under lockdown for six weeks after police declared a bushfire threat.

The camps are located in the high-risk Barker and Swarra regions and are currently home to more than 4,000 peopleThe man’s family have been told to pack their belongings and return home.

“It’s almost like it’s a war-zone,” said one of the family’s former residents.

“They’ve been left in the wilderness, in the middle of nowhere.”

We’ve been told we’ll be OK.

But we’re going to have to return home because we’ve been locked in for so long.

“One of the former residents told the ABC his family was locked in a tent camp for six months in the Barker region.”

I just feel like the bushfire has been here for so many months,” he said.”

And then we’re in the thick of it.

“The man and his family have left their tent in the forest near the campsite and are now staying in the town of Swarres, but they have been living in a bush campground in the area for six years.”

My mum and dad are still living there, but I’m not.

My mum’s still in there, I’m staying in a small house there,” the man said.

The man said his family and he have been in the camp for around six months.”

So we’ve had it here for like a month and now it’s like we’re locked in.

It’s like being in a war,” he added.”

There’s nothing you can do, you’re in a big tent, it’s just hell.

“He has also been forced to pack his belongings and get back on the road after being stranded for a month.”

The weather’s been bad in the last couple of days, but we’ve got to go,” he told ABC Radio WA.”

But we’re not going to let the weather get us down.

“Mr Turner said while they were being forced to move, they had been given the option to stay at the campground or travel on foot.”

That’s been our option,” he noted.”

Our friends have been staying there for two weeks, so we’re just going to stay there until the weather clears up.

“He said he had been asked to take the kids to school.”

If we were there for a couple of weeks, we’d still be here,” he admitted.”

School’s going to be in a couple days.

“At the moment we’re doing the bare minimum, so there’s no choice.

We’re just being honest with each other.”

Mr Turners sister-in-law and former resident Lisa said they had also been told their family would be moving to the town on Friday, but said it was still too soon to know what would happen.

“All of a sudden they tell us they’ve got a fire and they’ve had to evacuate the camp, but when they tell you they’re going somewhere else, they’re not,” she said.

Ms Turner said she was grateful for the support from the community.

“This is a community that loves us, so that’s a good thing,” she explained.

“People are being really honest with us.

We don’t have a choice.”

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