How to pack a suitcase for Christmas in Israel

An Israeli backpacker and her family spent their Christmas vacation in Israel, packed up their belongings, and then packed up again on December 6.

The family, from the town of Ashkelon, spent their days packing their Christmas presents for relatives and friends, but after spending a few days in Israel it became clear that the Christmas experience in Israel had not been without its ups and downs.

After visiting family members in the capital Tel Aviv, the family returned to Ashkelor, Israel, on December 13, where they spent the night in the local hostel.

They decided to stay in Ashkelora for the duration of the holiday, but the plan changed in mid-December when they discovered that they were in possession of a suitcase packed with Christmas decorations.

When the family left Tel Aviv on December 19, they were told that the hotel they had booked would be closed and that they would be required to return to the airport the next day.

“I felt like an outsider in a foreign country,” Ami told The Jerusalem Mail.

“It was very confusing.”

On December 20, they received a call from their hotel, informing them that the hostel had been evacuated, and they had been forced to return home.

“We were told to return tomorrow,” Amira said.

“The next day we had to get our luggage and take a bus to the city of Tel Aviv.”

On the bus, they found the family had packed all their belongings in a suitcase and were sitting in their hotel room in Tel Aviv.

They were shocked when they arrived home on December 22, when they were shocked to see that their luggage had been shipped back to the hostels in the city.

“They had not even packed the clothes,” Amiri said.

“There were all these things, bags and clothes.

I just remember thinking: ‘What have we done?'”

The family then contacted the police, who informed them that they had to return the suitcase to the hotel where it had been purchased.

When they were asked to fill out forms to return their luggage, Ami’s mother, Yael, told The Mail, the police officer said: “We will get your luggage back.”

They had to fill in forms for a total of five days, but they were not allowed to leave the country until December 29, when the police would take the luggage back to their hotel and then send it to the police station.

“The police refused to even give us the receipt, so we had a feeling they had done something wrong,” Amir said.

According to Amira, the officers refused to take the bag because it was a gift for their grandmother.

“It was just the wrong time to return it,” she said.

As a result, the couple had to pack their belongings into their own bags and then take a flight to Germany, where the next morning they boarded a plane bound for their hometown of Tel-Aviv.

“After a short flight, the plane landed in Tel-AViv, and when we reached the customs, I saw that the luggage had not arrived.

We were really confused,” Ammir said.

The luggage was packed and shipped back, and the family was finally able to return back to Israel on December 30.

“As a father, I don’t want to leave my children with the baggage, but I do want them to have the joy of Christmas and the excitement of the holidays,” Amil told The Daily Mail.

“If the luggage is not properly packed, it can be very stressful.”

Amira added that they are now waiting for a response from the authorities, as they are unsure if they will be able to keep their holiday plans.

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