Australia to send packing boxes to Tauranga airport amid rising violence

The Australian Government is to send boxes of packing boxes packed to the Taurangi International Airport to help contain an influx of migrants to the island nation.

The Government on Friday announced it would send boxes to the airport in the wake of the arrival of around 60 migrants on Thursday, a day after it had been reported that some people had attempted to enter the country illegally.

“This is a significant increase from yesterday, with some 300 migrants being detained and about 100 people arriving by sea,” Minister for Immigration and Border Protection, Peter Dutton, said in a statement.

“The Government has been making every effort to keep Taurongans safe, but the situation has not improved and we cannot continue to allow people to cross the Tasman Sea without a plan.”

On Thursday, police in Taurigas capital Cambridge said a group of people had tried to cross into the country through the airport.

Police said they had been able to stop the group and arrest the men, who were later taken to a nearby police station and later released.

In Tauragas capital, Cambridge, police said they were responding to reports of an attempt to enter Australia through the Tampines International Airport and a number of people were detained.

Police in Cambridge also said a man was arrested after being spotted attempting to enter by using a fake passport, but he was later released and his passport was found.

The arrival of the migrants has been a major issue for the Government, which has struggled to contain the influx of asylum seekers from Central African Republic and neighboring Liberia.

Mr Dutton has also faced criticism for failing to immediately call for an end to the flow of migrants and asylum seekers arriving in the country from the countries of the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Sudan, where authorities say more than 4,500 people have died at sea trying to reach Australia.

More than 2,300 people died trying to make the crossing to Australia from the Congo in the first five months of this year.


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