The best UK packing boxes

Two years ago, I had to buy the most expensive kit on the market and use the same packing box as every time.

I used to spend £200 on boxes that I’d bought from eBay and now I had only £80, but I could still fit everything in the box, even if I had a bigger box for that. 

The first kit I bought was a new, customisable, fully-fledged kit that included a laptop, a keyboard and mouse, a projector, a printer, a webcam and headphones.

The second kit I ordered was the most ambitious and ambitious, and included everything you could ever imagine a kit for: a camera, a camera tripod, a headphone jack, a speaker, a battery, a charger and a power supply.

It was, for lack of a better term, the most elaborate kit I’d ever bought. 

But in that moment, I was also looking at a very, very large box.

It had a camera strap and an arm.

It contained an HDMI cable, a power adapter, a microSD card, a USB cable, headphones, a wireless mouse, an infrared camera and a remote control. 

I was tempted to just rip out the plastic to save money, but there were some very practical reasons.

I’d already spent more than £10,000 on the kit, and my wife and I had already been looking after it for a few months. 

If you were looking for the ultimate kit, you’d need to get your own.

So I did what any DIY-er would do: I went to Amazon and bought a few boxes of my own. 

What you need to know about packing boxes The simplest way to put packing boxes together is to use a couple of things that already exist in the market: a frame and some hooks and clips.

You’ll also need a couple more things: a sheet of cardboard, some duct tape and a small metal box. 

Here are the essentials To start, you need some cardboard.

You can buy a box from a local hardware store, or you can buy an inexpensive box made of a piece of cardboard and a piece or two of plastic. 

You can get a plastic box made from a piece (or a whole lot of pieces) of cardboard that’s about the size of a football pitch. 

A metal box If your box is going to be used as a box, then you’ll need a metal box to make the frame.

The metal box you use can be made from cardboard or plastic, and if you’ve got the money for it, you can also use scrap metal or scrap plastic to make it. 

Once you’ve chosen your metal box, you’ll then need a few things to attach it to the frame of your kit. 

To do that, you use a small piece of duct tape. 

Cut out the piece of tape and then attach it with duct tape to the box frame. 

Then cut out the other two pieces of duct Tape, as shown in the following image. 

Next, attach the two pieces together by cutting one piece of the duct tape, then the other piece, leaving the ducts exposed. 

This will form a ring of ducts, which will hold the box together. 

Now, attach your camera and headphones Next attach the camera and headset to the inside of the box.

Cut out the inside and then make sure you leave a small gap between the two layers of duct taped together.

Next, attach one of the two wires to the camera, and the other to the headset. 

Finally, you will have a kit that is just a little bit bigger than a normal box, and that will fit inside of a pack. 

All that’s left is to fit it all into the box to save some money. 

Do you have any other tips to share? 

I would love to hear your ideas, ideas for better products, or tips for people who don’t have the time to buy a kit.

You could be the next person to discover a DIY kit, or help others to do the same.

I would love if you could send me a tweet using the hashtag #kitboxbox or share your kit in the comments section below.

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