New Packing Boxes for Homeowners: The ‘Unbelievable’ Difference

By RICK KLEINBERG and PAUL PORTERBERG | The Wall St. Journal New packing boxes for homeowners are getting a little less expensive.

At least that’s what the packaging makers of some of the most popular boxes in the industry are saying.

The most affordable packing boxes include three- to six-inch wide, flat-sided boxes that can hold a full-size refrigerator, freezer or large-sized refrigerator.

They cost from $150 to $200 and include a three-year warranty, according to the company that makes the boxes, Litton Products.

More than 1,000 companies are producing them, making them popular with consumers.

But some of them, like Litton, are selling only one of those versions of the boxes.

The company also has a $250, three-inch-wide version for home-owners that is made with an 18-inch center.

A third-party maker, a U.S.-based firm called Packerbox, also sells a $200 box that has two-foot-wide centers, a $300 box that is three-foot wide and a $350 box that holds two-feet wide.

It also has two options for three- and four-feet centers, including a $450 box that can fit a large refrigerator.

All three are available in a variety of sizes, from three-feet tall to three-quarters-of-an-inch.

The new boxes are a little more expensive than they used to be.

The standard Litton box is $225, which includes a three year warranty.

Packerboxes is selling a $225 three- or four-foot box with a one-year-use warranty, but the company says it has no plans to sell the box until the U.K. Government says it’s safe.

Litton Products said in a statement that it has been “extremely supportive of this initiative” and expects to see more of the smaller boxes made in the U, where it’s made by an independent company.

“We look forward to bringing this new initiative to market to help homeowners and their families enjoy a longer-lasting refrigerator,” said Litton.

Packerbox also sells smaller boxes, with sizes from two to three feet tall.

The companies said the boxes are made with durable, high-quality, air-tight plastic and are packed with a durable fabric inside the box, and it is made to order and takes 10 days to produce.

They also sell a box that uses a standard plastic bottle.

Littlites also makes a smaller version of the Litton boxes, which are smaller and come in a number of sizes.

The three-to-six-inch boxes can hold three to five people, while the three-and-quarters sizes can hold four or five people.

The smaller boxes are also easier to handle, said Littlizers owner Michael E. Boesler.

The bigger ones can take a lot of abuse.

Packing boxes are becoming more common in larger households, said Boeslers son, Mark.

They help families with more space.

“I think it’s great that you’re able to fit a refrigerator in a room and you’re not pushing it or bumping it,” he said.

“You’re able just have the room, but it’s also nice to have more room in the room.”

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