How to pack your Christmas presents

This Christmas, Christmas cards are on sale in stores all over the country, and that means you can get your hands on a selection of some of the best Christmas themed cards you can find.

This is where the fun really starts, as Christmas gift boxes are packed with festive treats from local artists, so the best part is that they’re made to order.

If you’re in the market for a box of cute, hand-drawn card, check out our guide to the best gift box artists in Melbourne.

Read more So what are the best box artists out there? 

There are so many options out there that it’s hard to choose the best one, but here’s our top five of the most popular ones.

Artists who create unique Christmas gifts: Geelong’s Art Gallery (via Instagram) Geelong’s art gallery is known for their artworks, and this is where it gets tricky.

In their Facebook group, there are several members who have been gifted their art by a Geelong artist. 

They include artists who make cards, posters, stickers, posters and stickers with the artwork printed on the back.

If that sounds like a bit of a hassle, there’s another option to take care of. 

There’s a company called ‘Geelong Art Gallery’ who specialize in giving out custom cards and cards that are designed for the artist to handcraft their own cards, but that’s not their only gift idea.

This year they’re running a Christmas card giveaway with the opportunity to win a custom card. 

In a photo posted on Instagram by the Facebook group members, they’ve posted a picture of a custom box of cards they received, with their card artwork printed onto the back and the caption reading, ‘My gift for you!’

The Geelong Art Group is run by a group of artists, including a few from Geelong, who hand craft their own card, and you can see their work in their Instagram.

A Geelong photographer, who is part of the group, wrote on Instagram, ‘We love all the artwork you send us.

We are very excited to work with you, and hope to have you back soon!’

I like to think of myself as a geek, so I love to be able to draw, paint and create things that make me happy.

I have a love for the geeky stuff.

If you’re a geek like me, you probably know what the word ‘geek’ means, but it’s a bit more nuanced than that.

I think of being a geek as the ability to look at the world through a different lens.

I think of it as being the ability for me to think in a different way, to look for things and to think outside the box.

The Art Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne’s Art Market (via Facebook) If it’s Christmas time and you’re feeling a bit left out, you can also head to the Art Gallery, the Melbourne’s art market.

There are a few different categories to choose from, including ‘Geeks’ and ‘Giant Pop Art’ cards.

You can also browse through the huge range of stickers and card stock available to buy, including ones designed by artists from around the country. 

A Geylang woman, who goes by the name of ‘Mimi’, who works at the Geelong art gallery, also wrote on Facebook, ‘I’m a big fan of making cards.

I love making Christmas cards and my card making skills are really developed.’

This artist also has a Facebook group where she posts handmade cards.

‘I love all types of gift giving but I’m a fan of card making,’ she wrote.

Artist who make hand-crafted Christmas cards (via Geelong Artists’ Collective) The Artists’ Guild of Victoria is an umbrella organisation for the local artists in Geelong.

They have a collection of card artists and they also run a collection where you can buy your own custom cards.

If your interest lies in custom cards, then you’ll find them in this section.

They’ve also created a ‘Custom Card Art’ section, where you’ll be able buy your custom cards from artists who use their own unique artistic style.

‘I’m an artist who is constantly inspired by all kinds of creative things.

I’m also very proud of my craft,’ she said.

‘When it comes to Christmas I am a big believer in giving back.

I don’t want to be an isolated person and do nothing but give back.

 I like getting out and having a good time with my friends and family.

In a video posted on Facebook by the group members (which you can watch in full below), they’ve shared a photo of a special handmade card that they received from a Geylange artist.

It’s a card that is signed and titled ‘The Merrymakers’ ‘The Merrymaker’s’ handmade card is

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