Closet packing boxes could be coming to grocery stores in the future

Closets could soon have packing boxes, thanks to a new design by a California company.

The idea is a little like the way we pack our boxes of books: by putting them in a bag, then opening them up with a flick of a mouse, allowing them to be unfolded and taken out of the packaging.

The company that created the Closettop, known as Closette, is now offering an entirely new way to take packing boxes out of their packaging and into a carton of ready-to-eat food.

Closet’s CEO, Jennifer L. Bousso, said the concept is designed to make the boxes smaller and easier to access.

“The packaging is very important, and when it comes to our customers, the packaging is just as important as the food,” she said.

“So what we’re doing is, we’re going to put the food in the packaging and we’re taking the packaging out of there and we can take the packaging in the carton, and it’s not a box.”

Bousso said that she is not looking to make a profit, but that it is an idea that could eventually become part of the fabric of our lives.

“We’re trying to create an industry that has some real success in this space,” she told ABC News.

“You can make a lot of money in this.”

To learn more about the company and its new products, click here.

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