Packaging boxes are a new homebase for Australian residents

Packaging has become a big part of the Australian lifestyle, and a lot of people are happy to see it, says the company that makes them.

The company that sells the containers for Australian homebuilders, Homebase, says that more than 20 per cent of the products they sell are packaged in Australian homes.

“People are excited to see what’s inside the boxes they are making, which is a very unique feature of the market, and it’s been really positive,” said Homebase chief executive, Mark Jones.

The new home base boxes are now the mainstay of many Australian home builders, and are available in many different sizes.

“We have seen a lot more interest in the product in Australia,” he said.

The packaging companies are also trying to change perceptions of homebuilding.

“I think that’s a good thing for homebuilders because it creates a lot less stress and a little bit of a bit of peace of mind for people,” said Mr Jones.

“It’s something that the Australian market can really appreciate, it’s something we’re very familiar with and it makes people feel safe and confident about buying homes.”

In 2017, HomeBase launched the first-ever Australian homebuilder packaging program.

“Our packaging is very popular and very popular among builders,” said a spokesperson for the company.

“In 2017 we launched a new packaging program to support the construction of the new home and to promote the value and quality of products made by homebuilders.”

As well as providing a new way to engage with builders, the packaging program has the added benefit of promoting a new product and offering a new platform for the Australian homebuilding community to be part of.

“With our packaging program, builders have a new opportunity to build the brand that they know and love and the local community that they work in can be a part of that experience.”

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