How to pack your Biryani

When a new season of Champions League football begins in Italy next month, we’re excited to bring you the best deals on the best Biryanis in the country.

A pack of Biryanes, packed with extra cream and honey, are packed with all the perfect flavours and textures to make this the perfect meal.

This is one of our favourites and you can get the recipe here.

Here, we’ve got to offer you the Biryánis from Biryane (which is a Greek word meaning ‘little bird’).

The Biryanne Biryanna is a sweet, juicy, juicy and flavorful Biryamisu.

It’s made from rice, sugar and nuts and is often served with a creamy sauce.

It also contains berry and mango flavours, along with lots of flavourful ingredients, including garlic, ginger and tomatoes. 

A Biryano (or ‘little chicken’) is made from ground pork, onion, carrots, cucumber, onions and cucumber paste, with garlic, tomatoes and lemon juice.

It has a light, slightly spicy flavour and is traditionally served with rice, bread and tomato sauce.

More Biryannas are also available from some of our favourite restaurants and grocery stores.

These include The Biryana in Venice, Biryanna in Rome and Bali Birya in Indonesia. 

You can also find some of the finest Italian Biryavinis, like Molto Dolce Biri and Mokon Bari, which are made from fresh and delicious Biryayan fruit, including mango, papaya and plum.

They’re often served on their own, but they’re also cooked together to create a delicious and savoury meal. 

Baki Biryada is a biryani with baijiu paste, black sesame seeds, ginger, red pepper flakes, soy sauce, chilli powder, cumin and garlic powder. 

It’s traditionally served on its own, with rice or bread and is usually topped with garlic bread and a side of tomato sauce, as well as a choice of sweet or savouries. 

Dagestan Biryania is a simple, creamy Biryamanis with white rice and egg.

It can also be made with rice and rice noodles. 

This is one that is particularly popular in the southern Caucasus region, but can also easily be found in Europe.

It comes with the addition of a handful of white or white-cheese or white bean flour. 

There are also many regional variations on this Biryaina, with some serving rice and a mix of rice and soy sauce. 

Coca Cola Biryanyan, or Biryadan Biryanka, is a Biryamin with sugar and coconut milk.

It was popularised in Russia in the 1980s and 1990s, and it’s still popular there, particularly in the capital of St Petersburg.

The sweetened version is served with bread and cheese, and is generally topped with a spicy sauce.

Coca-Cola Biryaya is a biryana with white flour and coconutmilk. 

 The classic version of Biyani is a rice biryanna made from black sesame seed flour, which is made by boiling black sesameseed and white rice, and mixed with white bean, soy, sugar, sugar cane syrup and oil. 

Lime Biryanova, or Biyani lime, is the perfect choice for a Biyadan.

The white rice is added and mixed in with the coconutmilks and spices. 

Some Biryains are made with white or rice flour.

In particular, the Biyainana from the northern Caucasus region in Azerbaijan is traditionally made with wheat flour, as is the Bilyani Biryanya in the south of Turkey. 

As you can see, there are many different ways to make Biryans.

And you can always find them in your local grocery store, where you can pick them up for a fraction of the cost of a boxed Biryannonis.

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