Why a box packed with gifts for a birthday party is a gift for everyone

A box packed full of gifts for the birthday party has become a huge hit.

A box filled with gifts has become one of the most popular items at the local gift store in Chennai, as well as being a part of many locals’ Christmas plans.

“This box is packed with a lot of different presents, and I am sure that my friends will be happy with it,” said Anjali, a customer at the gift store.

“I am going to get a lot more people to come and buy my gifts, because they will be going to a lot parties and celebrations.

I think I will be buying more boxes as well.”

The gift-buying frenzy started with the local community in 2010 when an elderly couple started selling birthday presents to the public at the store.

The couple had always planned to open the store for business at Christmas, but the couple had been unable to find the money to open up the business.

“A box was born,” said Kishore, a resident of the village.

The couple, who had been in a relationship for 35 years, had been searching for a business to open for about three years, and they approached the local cooperative, a small cooperative, to get the license.

“We thought that we will open a small shop, but we were not sure if we would be able to open it for business,” said Mr Kishor, who started the cooperative with his brother-in-law.

“After some research, we were able to find out that we would have to build a bigger shop to accommodate the crowd.

It was not a dream that we had imagined,” he said.

The cooperative’s manager, M Ranganathan, told NDTV that the couple decided to open a gift-box store because they wanted to show their gratitude to their elderly neighbours.

“When we opened the shop, we had to do this because we were looking for a small business to set up shop in our neighbourhood,” he added.

“There was a huge crowd outside and people started coming in and asking for gifts,” he explained.

The store has already received gifts from a variety of friends and family, but now, the store is selling presents from other areas of the country as well.

“Some people came in with a large number of presents and we had enough boxes to sell them,” said M Rangasamy, the co-owner of the gift-shop.

“There are gifts from all over the country, so we are hoping to sell more than we did last time,” he further added.

When NDTV visited the store, it was packed with boxes and presents, many of them from overseas.

“The gift boxes are all different colors and shapes,” said an employee, adding that they were selling a variety items.

“It is a big success,” he told NDtv.

“People are happy and happy with the boxes.”

The store also sells a range of festive goods, including sweets and presents for children.

“Everyone loves sweets, but this is a special one,” said the manager.

“This is what we are looking for.

We have given them gifts from across the world.

We also have a range from different countries.”

The shop is currently being sold at a rate of Rs 25,000 a box, but as soon as they are ready to close, the box will be available for purchase at Rs 10,000 per box.

“If we have more boxes we can sell it for Rs 40,000,” said a manager.

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