How to pack a suitcase with packing cubes

Gympie’s packing cubes are packing cubes for you.

They come in three colors, orange, red, and blue.

The orange cube has a special magnetic feature that makes it easier to open and close.

When opened, the magnetic feature will flip open, revealing a red cube inside.

The red cube has an attached magnetic spring that holds the cubes in place.

The magnetic spring flips open when the cube is pulled, so you don’t have to twist the cube in half.

When the cube moves, the magnet pulls it in the opposite direction, so it stays in place even if you put it down.

You can also use them to open packing cubes.

The blue cube is an accessory for your suitcase, so the magnets will also activate the magnets in your bag.

If you need to open a packing cube, just remove it from the bag and stick it in your backpack or carry it around.

There’s also a yellow cube, which looks like a plastic box with a magnetic clasp on the side.

When pulled out, the magnets inside the cube will pull it out, and the magnets also activate it.

You don’t need to use the magnets on a cube, only on the cube itself.

Gympies packing cubes come in orange, blue, and green, and all three colors are available in different sizes.

You’ll need at least one orange cube and one blue cube to open each cube.

The purple cube has the most magnets, so if you need more, there’s an orange cube with two magnets and a blue cube with one magnet.

If magnets aren’t your thing, you can also buy a red or blue cube, or a yellow or purple cube.

If you need a suitcase, pick up a Gympi’s pack cube and get ready to be amazed.

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